What is ‘Male Room’?

Male Room is about taking a positive view of men, what they are experiencing and how people and organisations try to work with them. It is quite different to the common (usually negative) ways of looking at men. It takes a positive approach to both assist men in looking after themselves and their family. The site also assists organisations in developing their capacity in better supporting men.

Male Room is not about asking men (God forbid) to discover their ‘feminine side’. It attempts to provide practical advice in down to earth language, both in this website and in any person to person contact you might request. We aim to help you make sense of the situation you find yourself in 

Unlike many other services, Male Room recognises the many negative stereotypes about men and purposefully draws on a strengths based approach to assist men (and those that support men) in making sound decisions to manage themselves and their relationships, especially when these are stressed or falling apart.

Who is Male Room for?

Male Room provides information, support, advice and coaching for those in need of these services. This can be men, those that look to support men who are struggling and organsiations that try to support men as clients. Look for the contact details on each page as well as that on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Each of the pages in this site contain down to earth information and advice as well as recommended links for support.

Check them out.

Philip and David
Male Room